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The original AC Plug was the definitive beginning of the "swimbait" revolution. This patented lure (#5522170) has accounted for many personal best catches and records. Now the Casitas takes AC Plug users to the next level in realism. The Casitas features Owner Hyperwire split rings and Owner hooks, SevenStrand wire and crimps, ultra realistic eyes and fins, tail rattle, heavy-duty construction, life-like body shape and paint detail. No expense was spared in creating the best swimbait possible.

Here are some of the details that we hope swimbait specialists will appreciate:

  • Body molded from actual hatchery trout, down to the operculum!
  • Realistic, durable paint work.
  • Ultra realistic eyes created specifically for this lure.
  • Flippy pectoral and pelvic fins that were created ultra thin for subtle movement.
  • Ultra realistic tail design and swimming motion.
  • Realistic sink motion and bottom reaction.
  • Different sink rates for different conditions.
  • First of its kind hook "keeper" which allows hooks to be tucked up against body and will release hooks when a fish strikes. It also allow trebles to be used and hooks to be rigged on top of the bait for snag-free bottom bouncing.
  • Rattle in the tail.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Quality components. We used the best money could buy down to the split rings.
  • Comes custom rigged "So Cal" style with frog hook and trailer.
  • All dark colored hardware.

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Type
AC10 SS 15 cm one, Owner Slow sink
AC10 MS 15 cm 62 g one, Owner sinking
AC10 FS 15 cm one, Owner Fast sink

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Used it once. On first catch, the rear hooked pulled out of body of lure when the fish was caught. Shaft was broken.

Author: Austin smith
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I am looking for the glass colors to buy for my collection . If possible please allow me to purchase for you. Thank you very much!

Author: ewen macrae
Ron Thompson Sito

used lure called minki can these still be purchesed

Author: azahar
Imakatsu Trairao

The best lure for monster😍

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