Lure Nories Laydown minnow

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LAYDOWN MINNOW uses a fixed weight system to make extra room for air and a wide body design to create a highly buoyant lure, to create an attractive action that a thin minnow body lure cannot imitate. On a straight retrieve it wobbles with slight roll, and darts quickly side to side on twitch or jerk. It has enough attraction to bring bass up from deep in the water. The tactic is to focus on "pauses" to get bass to take the bait. By simply adjusting the pause period to the activity of the bass, you can adapt to almost any situation. Simply choose the best size to match the bait fish, either "REGULAR" or "JUST WAKASAGI". You can hook on to a big fish pattern, with the NORIES bait range series, LAYDOWN MINNOW.


Tournament lakes can shut down from high pressure in the shortest of periods. That’s when just how much you can get shut down bass to chase your lure becomes absolutely critical. The LAYDOWN MINNOW CHIGYO from the NORIES bait range series, has that potential. Sharp wobble action produces a natural resonance, to attract and the flutter action along with the wobble action stimulates a reaction bite from the bass. Also, CHIGYO is amazing in small lakes and when seasonal small baitfish is numerous, and allows for extremely effective "match the bait" game fishing.


Type: floating, suspender

Technique: casting

Running Depth: 0,3 - 0,4 m

Tags: shallow-runner

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Type Running Depth
REGULAR 8.8 cm 9.8 g three suspender 0.4 m
REGULAR Tour Series 8.8 cm 9 g three floating 0.4 m
JUST WAKASAGI 7.3 cm 6 g two suspender 0.3 m
JUST WAKASAGI Tour Series 7.3 cm 5.8 g two floating 0.3 m
CHIGYO 5.7 cm 37 g two suspender 0.3 m

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Lure Reviews Nories Laydown minnow

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