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Lure Rapala1 Twitchin' Rap

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Back to our roots with balsa wood construction for the world-famous delicate Rapala wobble. Weighted for long casting with a running depth of 15 to 60 cm, Twitchin' Rap can be fished virtually anywhere. With its near neutral buoyancy in saltwater, fish strike at or right after the pause. Slow-sinking in freshwater for a struggling, wounded-minnow action. Works for sea trout in the shallows and brown trout in rivers. Warm water species like backwater snook and redfish have found the Twitchin' Rap to be undeniable. The possibilities are endless.


Type: jerk, suspender

Technique: twitching

Recomended for: redfish, bass, tarpon, pike

Running Depth: 0,1 - 0,6 m

Tags: jerkbait

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Swimming Action

Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks
TWR08 8 cm 12 g two, # 3

How to Fish with Twitchin' Rap

For best results, use a short rod. Let the lure sink for a second or two when it hits the water. Keep the rod tip down and start reeling at desired speed while continuously pumping the rod down with short, fast twitches. The lure will dart and flash it sides aggressively on the retrieve. Use short pauses to let the predator catch up and hit the lure or to let the lure sink into potholes or openings in the vegetation.
When fishing a river cast the Twitchin Rap quartering upstream. Start retrieving immediately when the lure hits the water. Keep the rod tip up and retrieve at the same speed as the water if flowing or just lightly faster to keep the line tight. Twitch the rod tip continuously to give side flashing action to the lure. The lipless Twitchin Rap will respond very naturally to flow changes and seams in the current as well as the action given by the angler.

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