Lure Megabass Vision 110 Silent Rizer

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The Vision 110 Silent Riser hits U.S. shores after extensive field-testing, arriving with the same killer profile and deadly Katsuage Out-Barb hooks as the original Vision 110, but now with improved - and silent action, an upgraded and meticulously engineered fixed- balancer system, an internal reflective plate, and on purpose: hunting limits. By removing the rattles and fixing the tungsten balancers of the original Vision 110 "just so" near the first treble hook and the tail, Megabass designer Yuki Ito not only silenced the original version, but also greatly improved its action. This new, upgraded balancer-system translates into more body roll during retrieve, more life-like darting action, and more side-to-side movement of the head when jerked. Under a dead-slow retrieve, the Silent Riser mimics an unwary baitfish, presenting an enticing meal at a depth of up to 7ft. When paused, the Silent Riser rises with its head up at an angle, mimicking a weakened baitfish. Then, with the first snap of the rod, the Silent Riser dives and darts erratically like a panicked baitfish, triggering nearly instantaneous response- strikes.

This enhanced action is complemented by a Neon-Core internal reflective plate which not only increases flash, but increases durability by eliminating the need for certain finishes that tend to exhibit wear under the heavy abuse of hungry bass. And with a slightly higher rate of rise than the original Vision 110, the Silent Riser is highly adaptable, allowing for larger hooks or lead strips to customize suspension and rise to the specific conditions of each body of water.

The Silent Riser is meant for tournament duty, born of requests from Megabass' Pro Staff for a silent version of the now legendary Vision 110. Face with post-front conditions where fish tend to be more timid, and situations where fish sometimes follow a rattling jerkbait all the way to the boat without striking, our Pro Staff found that the silent model was the perfect complement to the original Vision 110, triggering strikes from non-aggressive fish, and fish that have otherwise grown wary of noisy jerkbaits after days of non-stop tournament fishing.

The Megabass Vision 110 Silent Riser: silence is now legendary.


Type: floating

Technique: casting, twitching

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Running Depth
Vision 110 11 cm 14.2 g three 0.6 m

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Used it once. On first catch, the rear hooked pulled out of body of lure when the fish was caught. Shaft was broken.

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I am looking for the glass colors to buy for my collection . If possible please allow me to purchase for you. Thank you very much!

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used lure called minki can these still be purchesed

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The best lure for monster😍

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