Lure Megabass X-WAVE FINESSE

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Performs perfect S motion when slow retrieved.Suddenly loses track Escape action with fast retrieve. Megabass have achieved ideal Switch action with X-WAVE offers S motion swimming action and sudden escape action to trigger bites in variable conditions, shifting action lure. Ideal to be used as searching pilot lure in shallow area while attracting big fishs natural instinct.

Designed to perform perfect S motion swim easily under super slow retrieve. Rolling action with high appeal flashing when twitched. Sudden escape action with fast retrieve combined with S motion allows anglers to fish large shallow area effectively. Combination of multiple different action under retrieve speed for smart stubborn fish, the X-WAVE. Combination of pause and jerk action will trigger bites from those clever big fish.


Type: ,

Serie: Vibration

Technique: , jigg,

Recomended for: chub, asp, bass, walleye, trout, pike

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Model No. Length Weight Hooks Type
X-WAVE FINESSE 7 cm 10,6 g two Slow sink

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