Lure Salmo Boxer Shallow Runner

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If you like crankbaits and their strong, aggressive action, this lure will become your favourite awful soon. It casts like a bullet, works the water hard and makes plenty of noise; it works under any circumstances. This Boxer is a contender that can represent you in any ring in the world! Place a bet on this feisty fighter and you won't be disappointed!


Serie: Crankbaits & Twitchbaits

Technique: casting, trolling

Recomended for: bass, catfish, pike

Running Depth: 0,5 - 2 m

Tags: shallow-runner, ultralight

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Running Depth
BX4SR 4,5 cm 7 g two, # 8 casting - 0,5 m; trolling: 1,5 m
BX7SR 7 cm 22 g two, # 1 casting - 1 m; trolling: 2 m

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How to Fish with Boxer Shallow Runner

The Boxers are floating lures, so you can quickly pull the lure under the surface with a few fast turns of the reel then pause and allow the Boxer to rise a little before resuming the retrieve, sometimes you should let the Boxer rise to the surface and allow it to float for a moment. With the shallow version you can even fish it as a surface lure, with the rod tip held high to stop it diving you can slowly retrieve and every couple of seconds just add a gentle twitch with the rod. Both SR and SDR versions are suitable for trolling and both work well even at high speed. To attain greater depths (6 - 15m) we use an additional 20 - 50g weight placed one meter in front of the lure.

Never retrive a lure with a constant speed. Remember that movement with a rod tip, each jerk and each increase in retrieving speed increase your chance for a bite.

While fishing for predators on weedy shallows, after 1-2 meters of calm retrieval, let your Boxer Shallow Runner stay motionless on the water surface for a moment. Wait until the waves created when the lure has surfaced fade and then submerge the lure with a fast move of your rod tip. Bites happen most often just in this moment.

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