Lure Lucky Craft Moonsault CB

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If you have ever needed a bait that has the sound of a lipless crankbait and the action and depth control of a traditional lip crankbait, then try a CB Moonsault. The CB Moonsault's have two different rattle types within the body that produce a rattling sound similiar to a lipless crankbait. The 350 dives down to 12 feet and the 200 dives to 6 feet the combination of sound and diving action calls fish from great distances. The design of the bill produces a tight wobble that makes this bait less likely to snag on structure.

Lucky Craft

Type: floating

Technique: casting

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Running Depth
Moonsault CB 001 5.5 cm 8.2 g two, #8 0.1 m
Moonsault CB 50 5.5 cm 8.2 g two, #8 0.5 m
Moonsault CB 100 6 cm 11 g two, #6 and #8 0.9 m
Moonsault CB 200 6 cm 12.2 g two, #6 1.8 m
Moonsault CB 250 6.5 cm 13.5 g two, #6 2.4 m
Moonsault CB 350 6.2 cm 14.6 g two, #6 3.6 m

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  • Moonsault CB-100
  • Moonsault CB-001
  • Moonsault CB-200
  • Moonsault CB-250
  • Moonsault CB-350

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