Lure River2Sea V-Joint

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V–Joint Minnow is one of the most natural swimmers on the market. River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge allows each of V–Joint’s sections to smoothly move through their swimming range giving V–Joint a fluid motion that will drive any gamefish wild. V–Joint comes in five sizes that any angler could find an application for, be it as a small undulating minnow plug or as a hard swimbait.


Type: suspender

Technique: casting

Tags: jointed

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Lure Models

Model No. Length Weight Hooks Running Depth
V–Joint Minnow 75SU 7.5 cm 10.6 g two, #8 & #6 0 - 1.2 m
V–Joint Minnow 110SU 11 cm 32 g two, #2 & #1 0 - 1.2 m
V–Joint Minnow 130SU 13 cm 35 g two, #2 & #1 0 - 1.4 m

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Lure Reviews River2Sea V-Joint

Leo, Sacrmento 2021-01-15 reply
Works great for trout

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Author: Leo
River2Sea V-Joint

Works great for trout

Author: tom mcelhaney
Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad

been trolling for whitebass and this has been fantastic. it outperformed everything. used shad that is not listed above tho. lures ran true. outperformed flicker shads that were my best for last few months

Author: Fabio García
YO-ZURI Arms Shad Micro

Excelente señuelo, muy versatil, me ha dado la oportunidad de capturar tanto especies reofílicas como de ambientes lénticos, lastima que estén descontinuados. Si alguién tiene...

Author: Ирина
Maria The First

Есть такой в цвете ML, 70. Лет 10 лежит. Пару раз упиралась в него целенаправленно и часто ставила перебирая всё подряд из коробки при безклёвье, но не судьба, рыбы не поймал. А на вид красивый. Лежит...

Author: moosTRUCK 100 SP
Golden Mean MoonStruck 100SP


Author: Mati Mati
Storm SubWart

"Wolfish" Ulala señor francés. Pone Tararira o Tarucha careta

beautiful bait for being a production bait. The joints open and can close giving it crazy action and it comes with two variables in the choices of tails.

Author: Mcconnell
Rebel Deep Wee R

Have caught fish on deep wee-R for years. Also like super-R even better...

Author: Login
Smith D-Contact

Отдел компенсаций. Запрос №1136 Подробнее по ссылке:

Author: Victor ross
Storm ThunderStick MadFlash

I am looking for the fishing lure storm thunderstorm mad flash ajm562 honey mustard mad flash if anyone has one

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